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Learn About RentSail

When did it start?

RentSail just launched in 2017! We are the newest property management software on the market.

Who’s behind it?

RentSail LLC is registered in the state of Indiana, USA! We are a small team of software professionals and property owners. We use RentSail for our own property management, so we need it to be the best possible, just like you do.

Why did we create RentSail?

RentSail was created to provide an excellent service, to a growing population of property managers who want to efficiently manage their properties with software, instead of pencils and notebooks.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the following:

  • The most useful property management features, without becoming over-complicated and burdensome to use.
  • The most user friendly interface for both your desktop and mobile.
  • A software that is simple, yet powerful, for the single home owner all the way to mid/large property group with hundreds/thousands of units.
  • The best customer support possible.
  • A feature-set that our customers want and need. We look forward to our customers feature requests!
  • The lowest cost service available on the market.

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