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Easy To Use

We have tried to make the learning process as easy as possible.

The moment you login, you are greeted with all the helpful information you need for your properties.

Overdue tenants? Open work orders? How many vacancies do I have? What is my cashflow?

Don't Lose Track


Your rental business shouldn’t be a guessing game. Keep track of every income and expense, so you always know your status. Transactions are tracked per property, category, account, tenant, or vendor. Create them within just a few seconds.


Make sure you don’t miss anything. With our reconcile feature, you can connect to your bank easily. Your bank transactions will show up right next to your RentSail transactions. Drag-&-drop your transactions to link them.


Make your life easier at the end of the year. Pull your year-end reports instantly to prepare for your tax professional. We have a growing list of reporting options for your convenience. Operating statements, schedule-e, rent roll, etc.


How much money should your business bring in? Previous year P&L statements are great, but now you can actually plan for the future with our annual budget feature.

Lease Manager

Are they late on rent? When does their lease end? Did they pay a security deposit?


Managing your tenant leases is an integral part of property management. It’s quick: 1. Create a property, 2. Create a tenant, 3. Create a contract between the two. That simple!

RentSail will keep track of when rent is due, and will charge late fees per your preference.

Find the best tenant

Tenant Screening


Our tenant screening option is powerful, and integrated into our online tenant application process. Utilizing the TransUnion SmartMove framework, you will be provided with Credit, Criminal, and Eviction history of the prospective tenant. Reports are $35, and can be paid by the landlord or the tenant.

Collect rent, the easy way

Online E-payments

Allow your tenants to pay their rent the easy way, with online e-payments. It’s safe and secure, and all payments are automatically recorded in your account.

Your payment portal is free, and can be setup within minutes. Payments can be made by credit card, or ACH direct withdrawal.

Rental Listings

Personal Listings Page

Your listing info and pictures are attached to each property. Is your property ready to rent? Just set the listing to active and it will show on your personal page, and will be ready to share.


Allow your potential tenants to apply online. Build your own custom application templates, so that you get just the information you’re looking for. Text fields, check boxes, list options; create it exactly how you wish.

Tired of searching the filing cabinet for documents?

Document Storage

It’s now easier than ever to keep track of your documents. Simply upload them to your property, and organize them as you wish. You will always know where to find them.


Give some control to your tenants and property owners

Tenant Portal

The tenant portal shows their balance and transactions, contract information and deposit ledger, and allows them to make rent e-payments if enabled.

Owner Portal

The owner portal shows all their properties, along with a cashflow chart to check the performance. Your owner’s can also see open work orders, and run multiple financial reports.

A service that keeps growing


Our feature-set is growing, and it’s driven by you! We rely on user feature requests to make RentSail the best possible.

  • Property Ledgers
  • Tenant Ledgers
  • Vendor Ledgers
  • Recurring Expenses
  • E-payments
  • Manage Leases
  • Manage Deposits
  • Auto Rent Charge
  • Auto Late Fee
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Public Rental Listing
  • Work Orders
  • Tenant Portal
  • Owner Portal
  • Manager Accounts
  • Document Storage
  • Custom Rental Applications
  • Help Tutorials
  • ... and more

How It's Used

Apartment Complexes
Multi-family Homes
Single-family Homes
Mini storage Facilities
Commercial Properties

Who's Using It

Property groups with 200+ units
Real-estate managers with 10-50 units
Single homeowner landlords


We believe in simple pricing, and we have the lowest $/unit price available.
5 Units or Less


Plain and simple. No “trial periods”, just free full featured software to use. We’re dedicated to landlords of all sizes, and we know that some landlords cannot afford to pay high monthly fees to manage just a few properties.

6+ Units

$.75/unit /mo

$10 min / $75 max

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